After a bad thing, comes a good thing.
After a tear, comes a laugh.
After a broken heart, comes a love.
After a misery, comes a joy.
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

When a Nine-Year-Old Swears (A Lot)

After the incident I had with a five-year-old girl (read here), Geneva and I went to the bus stop to catch a bus. Finally a bus came and we sat next to each other at the bus, talking and chatting and her impersonating a donkey. (She'd kill me if she sees this.)
At the next bus stop, three girls who look barely ten got into the bus. One was carrying a scooter, one was talking into a mobile phone while the other seemed like she regretted her decision of being friends with them. There were no spaces left on the bus so they sat behind us.
Then you wouldn't believe what happened.
"How did she know that I f*cking like him?" the girl with the scooter said, who for the sake of the post will be called Abigail.
Geneva and I immediately stopped talking and we literally leaned back on our chairs stealthy to listen to their conversation. We had this look on our faces that said: 'This is gonna be fun.' Come to think of it, I think the people boarding the bus went strangely quiet too.
The girl who seemed like she regretted her decision of being friends with them - whom we are going to call Lauren - replied, "I don't know."
"Now we're gonna have to f*cking bash her, man," said the girl who was talking into a mobile phone. Let's call her Britney. She then gave her mobile phone to Abigail and said, "This hoe wants to talk to you, man."
Lauren seemed to be scared of their decisions and spoke up, "It's not her fault..."
"She still knows," Britney replied.
Abigail must be talking to whoever was on the other side of the mobile phone since her words were: "Oy, why are you not on Facebook anymore, man? We need to f*cking talk." Silence. "No, hell no. I'm gonna f*cking bash her. She knows too much. F*ck no."
Then she uttered many more words that I couldn't hear except of the f-words. Finally the bus reached my bus stop as Geneva gave me her 'I feel sorry for you' look because the girls happened to go down at the same stop.

What happened to civilisation? This is crap. I'm fifteen and I barely say the f-word.
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